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Business & Professional Mentoring Tailored to YOU by Profitable, Experienced Business Experts Dedicated to Your Vision!!!

We are so excited to “meet” you!! Welcome to the “two-for-one” profitability zone in which you get BOTH Of Us (Ryan and Mandy) as your dedicated advisors, coaches and mentors from A-Z. Together, we combine 20+ years of corporate and entrepreneurial business experience and success — Now,  ALL our hard earned experience is available to you. We are on your side, here to support and guide you to the success and profitability you have always envisioned!!!

We are truly re-inventing business mentoring and coaching by providing you with complete business mentoring and coaching backed by 20+ years of business expertise and training, a full team when you need one, and a clear road-map that you can follow all the way to success and profitability.  You are just a few steps from  away from reaching the goal(s) that you envision!

Who You Are

      • Fully committed to move to the next level, or in a different direction to fulfill your business visions
      • Excited about making the changes that will result in greater success and profitability
      • Looking for the sage advice, guidance and support of trained business professionals, mentors and coaches

 Who We Are

      • Dedicated to YOUR Success & Profitability
      • Two-For-One: Two highly successful Entrepreneurs and our entire team on YOUR side every step of the way
      • Collaborating to guide and support you with strategy, accountability and results
      • Confident that your business can grow with the right business coaching
      • We strive to be your “One Stop Shop” for business success by incorporating our proven mentoring and design services
      • NO RED TAPE zone where a “business handshake” means the world and hard work is our internal mission statement….

The biggest question is… How can you get from where you are now, to where you want to be without breaking the bank and still achieve the success and profitability you envision? WE are your answer!! Our philosophy is simple “Your Passion is Our Mission.”  Taking that belief, we help businesses reach the next level by providing expert consulting and mentoring, clear pathways and constructive feedback every step of the way. With our combined expertise, we have the “success & profitability formula!!”

Are you ready to launch your new business, OR grow your current business to the NEXT level? If so — explore our comprehensive  business development and mentoring services below or visit our Business Mentoring Programs page to find out more today! 

Profit Couple™ Mentoring Options “Outside the Box!”

We are Excited to Offer Fully Customized Coaching & Mentoring Packages that Serve Your Profitability Goals for Success!!

~ A Program Tailor Made Just For You ~

Experience the amazing benefits of our signature custom coaching programs.  As Your Profit Couple knows from experience that what works for one business owner, doesn’t  always work for another. You deserve a program that is tailored to your unique business needs!!  Profit Couple Custom Coaching Programs start with a private 1:1 Custom Coaching Package Planning Call to assess your individual and targeted success and profitability needs.  Following our initial meeting, we will evaluate where you are, where you want to be, AND how we can help you get there. Then, we will craft a custom coaching bundle session and email support package option that is s tailored to only you!! Best of all, it WILL help you move to the next level of success and profitability on your own terms BUT with expert support. PLUS – and the best part about our custom plans – is that they will evolve and scale as your business does as well. No more being stuck in year-long, $20,000 mastermind groups IF that doesn’t serve your needs. We encourage you to take control of your own destiny and business success with this very unique programming option… Come experience The Profit Couple difference today!! Schedule your 1:1 Custom Coaching Planning Call Today!

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Peter Hodge"Mandy is a true professional with a keen eye for detail. Not afraid to voice her opinion she brings interesting ideas, concepts, comments and thoughts to the table. She delivered first class work on a consistent basis."


rsz_209p00018Meet Mandy Bota (soon to be Gartrell) ~ Certified Professional (CPC®), Business, Life Coach (CLC®)  & M.A. Candidate in Marketing & New Media at UCLA 

Mandy Bota (Gartrell) your Profit Couple Co-Founder : Senior Business & Personal Development Ninja, Mandy  brings 15+ years of business consulting, communications, marketing, social media, program/pricing development, sales  and writing experience to the Profit Couple Team. Mandy’s top priority is to guarantee that all of our clients receive first-class, customized and targeted business development and marketing support to achieve their business success and profitability goals. Read more about Mandy, and to schedule your FREE “Profitability Laser Coaching Session” click here!!!    » Read more

Meet RyRyan_Dockan Gartrell ~ Certified Master Business Coach (CMC®), Mentor & Strategist (PMP®)

Ryan Gartrell your Profit Couple Co-Founder:  Senior Business Development Strategist of The Profit Couple, as well as a Lead Design Developer, Ryan is the TRUE “Captain” of the Profit Couple team. He brings 20+ years of wide-ranging entrepreneurial success, along with a comprehensive background in marketing, digital media, branding, organizational development, systems and operations management to all our cherished clients.  Ryan works in close collaboration with ALL business owners (small, medium and fortune 500), as well as independent entrepreneurs who struggle with defining their market, goals, profitability center(s), along with how to harness the power of digital media to optimize their team and operational systems for maximum profitability!  Read more about Ryan, and to schedule your FREE “Profitability Laser Coaching Session” click here!!! » Read more